Move To The Side

Be grateful for the simple things you have.

Appreciate the sight that you have. Don’t worry about the things you cannot control. It’s like a wave coming at you, and if you stand in front of it, you will be drowned in it. So move to the side and let it pass. Take the time to see the small / little things that you take for granted. Enjoy life.

Carla – (Blind 8th degree Black Belt)

Feelings Are Like Toddlers

Attempt to bury and repress your emotions, you’ll soon discover that they will grow like ivy in the fertile soil of your mind. Develop Emotional Intelligence.

Lately I’ve been working personally on treating myself with more compassion and allowing myself to feel more, even (especially?) difficult, uncomfortable emotions. I think the better we get at being kind to ourselves, the easier it becomes to be compassionate towards everyone else. Just because you’re a grown up doesn’t mean your feelings don’t want to be felt and acknowledged fully. Feelings are like toddlers – they’ll yell louder and louder until they get attention.


It’s Okay To Have Problems

It's okay to have problems.
Your mindset governs your life.

It’s okay to have problems.

There are good problems to have and bad, but any problem can be good when you decide to take charge of your life. And wealth isn’t money.

It’s contentment, experiences, friends, family and loved ones.

There’s plenty of people in nice places who are miserable and not so nice places.

Where you find joy isn’t a destination. As cliché as they say, it’s a journey.