Stay RAD!

Single father of 2 boys. Divorced, good job, happy life. No matter how down life can be or seem, always know life is harder for someone else. Try and stay positive. Be happy with who you are and know you are enough. Life is what you make it. So make it yours. Make it fun because you will spread that to those around you. Stay RAD!!


Make Being Happy A Habit

Try not to let your eyes be the strongest organ when forming an opinion. There is always gray area – And that’s where the best lessons and stories lie.

Make being happy a habit. Put a reminder in your calendar a couple times a day that says “I AM HAPPY”. After a while, you’ll start thinking “I AM HAPPY” every time your alarm goes off. And then you’ll start believing it – or at least become more aware of your happiness level and take steps to get there. It truly is the most important thing.