Awakening Your Wisdom

The following videos are an attempt to raise an awareness of something much greater within each of us. To help us collectively elevate ourselves closer to something many would describe as divine.

Awaken The World Film

This playlist includes the award winning films
“Inner Worlds Outer Worlds” and “Samadhi Movie”
The YouTube channel “AwakenTheWorldFilm” is a blend of science of our modern age and ancient understandings seemingly lost to time with a guided understanding to the deepest parts of ourselves. The intent is to help each of us to unlock the full potential of our veiled mind and uncover the hidden reality we are living in.
These are films for the awakening of human consciousness.


Home of the Waking Cosmos podcast and video series, which explores the nature of consciousness and its place in reality.

The Knowledge Of The Forever Time

All of Damon T. Berry’s work experience would come to be of great value, when a casual trip to Egypt would change his entire life. While visiting the ancient pyramids he experienced a powerful transformation of psyche and self, and this experience was so life altering that he returned to the United States and began writing. His experience would become the muse that would drive him to create and share some of the most intellectual and thought provoking documentaries ever seen. A brilliant series that is new, edgy, and unlike any expert commentary, lecture, or television show that you have ever seen. This amazing film series never leaves you with questions and instead it leaves you with unforgiving answers. Unlike popular “Ancient Aliens,” documentary shows, in this series there are no questions of, “Why or How can this be,” but instead there are answers. Each episode is called, “An Invitation,” as each episode is an invitation to a new age of man, a new age of earth, and the age of enlightenment. The Great Pyramid of Egypt in no longer a mystery, and it turns out that everything we have been taught is completely untrue.  Filmmaker, Damon T. Berry unveils a beautiful and powerful short film that will have every man, woman and child in awe.  For 5,000 years the Great Pyramid of Egypt has been storing a wealth of knowledge.  A knowledge so holy that it alone can take all of mankind to one of the holiest sites of all……..heaven.

Episode 8 was released in September.

Sirius Disclosure Project

Dr. Steven Greer’s work with the S.E.T.I. project and the implications for all of life on Earth. There is more than you can possibly imagine.