Brick By Brick

Be the hero of your own movie.” Joe Rogan

Brick by brick, stone by stone, you are the person who builds the person you will be. Look ahead and build with intention. Mistakes can be corrected. Loss enshrined or built over, depending on what you need and who you need to be. Build of yourself a garden, a monolith or a simple shack by the edge of the shore, but do it by choosing.

No one else can be your architect.

No one else can see the shape of you with the clarity you can.

All things come from choice.


A Sense Of Purpose

Consider enhancing your goals by implementing Goal Systems – the cycle of endless refinement and continuous improvement.

It helps to set goals for every day. Sometimes I feel lost or anxious or unease because I am not sure what to do each day and whether I spend my wisely. It gives me a sense of purpose and accomplishment when I set goals for myself every day and work towards them.