It’s Just One More Thing

I look back at my life and know that there some specific events and decisions that made it what it is: a truly wonderful life, so happy that sometimes I fear something bad is going to happen and take it away.

The tricky part is that those decisions and events .. I didn’t know they’d be so impactful when they were happening. People say “don’t look back”, but I think it’s important to:

The things you’ve done, the ones you’ve failed at and the ones you’ve accomplished, will give you the strength to look at what lies ahead and say: “It’s just one more thing, who knows what will come, look at what I’ve done already, I can do this other thing”.


We Need One Another

There is a silent battle happening in our minds. It can be a comforting familiarity to allow the negative thoughts to take root and keep us imprisoned.

Be willing to change the stories you made about past experiences. You can change the way you feel by changing the way you think.

What are you telling yourself that makes you feel bad? What could you think instead to make yourself feel better?

Relationships heal. We need one another to heal.

You can’t go it alone.