Accept Your Cards

“If you’re a person who is stuck in life: figure out how to not be that person anymore.” ~ David Goggins

You can’t always control which cards life hands you, and sometimes, in certain areas of life, you’ll get a sub-par deck.

Feel your feelings. Then accept your cards and play them strategically – like it’s a board game. This always helps me feel less down about myself.


A Way To Make It Work

Optimism may significantly influence mental and physical well-being by the promotion of a healthy lifestyle as well as by adaptive behaviours and cognitive responses, associated with greater flexibility, problem-solving capacity and a more efficient elaboration of negative information.”
National Institutes of Health

What always gives me courage is knowing how adaptive we as humans can be, no matter what decisions we take or where we go in life, we always find a way to make it work.

We can find new people to bring into our lives, new experiences to share, and new love to express, or have.


Two Roads

The right path can sometimes be the hardest.

There are two roads you can take in life. One being that you let your past control your future; two being that you can choose how to live your life without restrictions.

Being abandoned countless times by my father as a child, it could’ve been so easy to fill that gap by taking drugs or taking shots. You have the power to live your life how you want to! Don’t let your past weigh you down and make you feel less than you are. Being you is the most wonderful gift that you can give to the world. Take the right road and embrace it!