A Castle On Shifting Sands

Emotional dependence IS more dangerous when we fail to recognize it in time to prevent its nefarious chronic trends in thinking. Depending on others for our happiness is to build a castle on shifting sands. You’re setting yourself up for failure and you’re setting yourself up for trouble. Rely on you!


Navigating Emotions

We will all inevitably face adversity. The only thing we will have control of in these moments is how we react.

We all tend to hear that life is short so we should make the most of it. What’s interesting is that you don’t really connect these words of wisdom with personal emotion or even translate them with action until something significant teaches us personally.

I’ve recently had a loved one become diagnosed with cancer and it’s my first time navigating some seriously heavy and aggressive emotions. In this process I’ve been able to truly reflect on “words of wisdom” from our elders.

There really is no bullshit to words of wisdom, so in my reflection I’d say, “stay positive”; “wake up each day & appreciate life”; “enjoy the ride” “Don’t have any regrets” and be “happy”.


Feelings Are Like Toddlers

Attempt to bury and repress your emotions, you’ll soon discover that they will grow like ivy in the fertile soil of your mind. Develop Emotional Intelligence.

Lately I’ve been working personally on treating myself with more compassion and allowing myself to feel more, even (especially?) difficult, uncomfortable emotions. I think the better we get at being kind to ourselves, the easier it becomes to be compassionate towards everyone else. Just because you’re a grown up doesn’t mean your feelings don’t want to be felt and acknowledged fully. Feelings are like toddlers – they’ll yell louder and louder until they get attention.