Failure is OKAY

Failure is OKAY. Sometimes you will work extremely hard at/for something and never make it. It’s important to push your boundaries, but also know what keeps you healthy and sane. It’s okay to switch directions if something is really not working. Know that one failure does not make you a failure as a person.


It’s Just One More Thing

I look back at my life and know that there some specific events and decisions that made it what it is: a truly wonderful life, so happy that sometimes I fear something bad is going to happen and take it away.

The tricky part is that those decisions and events .. I didn’t know they’d be so impactful when they were happening. People say “don’t look back”, but I think it’s important to:

The things you’ve done, the ones you’ve failed at and the ones you’ve accomplished, will give you the strength to look at what lies ahead and say: “It’s just one more thing, who knows what will come, look at what I’ve done already, I can do this other thing”.


Some Lessons Are Not Ours To Give

Allow others to fail. The acquired experience will teach them far more than what we could ever say or do for them.

You are responsible for your own decisions. For those you are held accountable.

However, as an adult, the biggest heartache / heart release I’ve learned is that some lessons are not mine to leave. I am yet a bystander, my involvement is my choice and I must accept the outcome.

K. Jimaṝ