It’s How We Heal

Joe Rogan and Wim Hof on Overcoming Depression, Anxiety and PTSD

I’ve always had anxiety. To calm it down, I used to get wasted or spend money trying to cover it up with something else. Seven months ago, I went sober and am learning how to listen compassionately to my inner anxious voices. What I’ve learned is that it’s always about shame or fear. What I’m learning is that I can face those fears and resolve them instead of trying to sweep them away.

The parts of myself that emerged when I was drunk were parts I loved but was scared to show. Now, I’m learning to love my whole self, all the time. I never thought I had a substance abuse problem, but recovering is transforming my life.

Love all the parts of you. They deserve it. It’s how we heal.


Which One You Feed

“… with awareness and an attitude of self-compassion, we can redirect our negative thoughts to more positive ones.”

The fear you hold onto and ruminate about is just as much a part of your imagination of all the wonderful, beautiful things your future could one day hold.

Choose wisely which one you feed.



Don’t fear the darkness. Use the candle from within.

When the darkness of the unknown is right in front of you, let the light inside you guide you forward.

Step into the dark unknown with the knowledge you have gained over the years. Release your fear and embrace the unknown.

Joshua S.