Stay RAD!

Single father of 2 boys. Divorced, good job, happy life. No matter how down life can be or seem, always know life is harder for someone else. Try and stay positive. Be happy with who you are and know you are enough. Life is what you make it. So make it yours. Make it fun because you will spread that to those around you. Stay RAD!!


Navigating Emotions

We will all inevitably face adversity. The only thing we will have control of in these moments is how we react.

We all tend to hear that life is short so we should make the most of it. What’s interesting is that you don’t really connect these words of wisdom with personal emotion or even translate them with action until something significant teaches us personally.

I’ve recently had a loved one become diagnosed with cancer and it’s my first time navigating some seriously heavy and aggressive emotions. In this process I’ve been able to truly reflect on “words of wisdom” from our elders.

There really is no bullshit to words of wisdom, so in my reflection I’d say, “stay positive”; “wake up each day & appreciate life”; “enjoy the ride” “Don’t have any regrets” and be “happy”.


Writing Down The Good Parts Of Your Day

The act of writing has numerous benefits.

Make a habit of writing down the good parts of your day, each day. At least two good things will come of this practice. Reviewing the list you’ll be able to see what you value. And because you’re recording the good you’ll start actively seeking out the positive – and because you’re looking for it you’ll find it.